We offer single game events, bundle packages or entire season. 


Single Game - $179 each

2-5 Games    - $169 each

Season          - $159 each


*Pricing is for events up to 2 hrs

**Traveling fee applies for locations over 40 miles round trip from our office + Ferry or Tolls when applicable.


Contact us for events longer than 2 hrs or shorter than 1 hr.


1080P is our default quality.


4K is available ($30 more)


We have HiPods available for games played on fields without elevation. Up to 25ft high (extra $30)



Wether we filmed your games or you have your own footage, let us put togther your College Recruiting Video.


We use state of the art software but most important, our trained eyes and clear understanding of what coaches are looking for will make your highlights stand out amongst the crowd.


$65 per game (watch and tag) or

$35 per game (if you tag* it)

$199 (one time fee to assemble it)

*tag (marking the highlights)

What's Included:

Intro Page

Circle to identify player


Downloadable Video File

Custom Webpage


We can stream your event on our website so distant family/friends can watch.


This is also a great recruiting tool, if coaches can't attend your game, take the game to them.


Events up to 2hrs

$299 at 480p

$399 at 720p

$499 at 1080p


This is just for the streaming with score updates.


Contact us if you want to add narration.

*We rely on 4G LTE to webcast the games, so location has to be scouted prior to event to ensure necessary LTE coverage.

*If location has WIFI we need to be able to access it.



Team highlights are great for end of the season parties and a fantastic way to keep those unforgettable moments.


We can customize the highlights to each team and prices vary acording to highlights duration and the amount of footage that needs to be watched.


Highlights starting at $350