Seattle Sports Videos officially opened for business in 2011 but our story started in 2007 when I went to Disney with my family and after returning to Seattle decided to put together highlights from the trip. I fell in love with video editing and video cameras.


In 2008 my son, David, started playing footaball and of course I was there filming and at the end of the season put together my first team highlights. Watch it here.


In 2011 I was invited by head football coach Dan Mack, of Kamiak High School, to volunteer and film their games. At the end of that season a few players asked me to prepare their College Recruiting Highlights thus Seattle Sports Videos was born.


I was never driven by money, the reason we do what we do is primarely to help kids and their families through the Recruiting process by professionally filming and preparing their College Recruiting Highlights and we believe when you do the right things for the right reasons good things happen.


Marcio Castro
Matt Boone
Jonah Wallace
Dave Nakamura

Senior Video Editor/CEO


I grew up in Brazil and soccer was a big part of my childhood and my teenage years. We've moved to the US in 2003 and it became home.


I absolutely love Seattle and the sport community, there is so much talented coaches and athletes around.


I'm happily married for 15 years and we have one son, David,  and a dog. I love spending time with my family and traveling. 


I enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding, which we do it as a family.

Freelance Videographer


Profile coming soon...

Freelance Videographer


For more than five years I have explored the northwest, camera in hand, pulling images of urban landscapes and wilderness alike, though i'm just as likely to be found on the sidelines of youth sporting events or a motocross track capturing tackles, goals, and muddy jumps. 


As a younger man, I took breaks from the typical outlaw shenanigans to draw and paint, working in as many mediums as it occurred to me to try. Having children changes things a bit and photography lends itself well to this new adventure. 


Over the years, I have taken on a growing number of professional jobs if only to justify the more elaborate gear to my supportive wife.

Freelance Videographer


Starting with just my trusty $100 digital camera several years ago to last year building my own end zone camera to hoist my camcorder 25' in the air, you could say I've become "that guy" that the parents approach during practices and after games to see if I was willing to share the footage.  

It's the best way I know how to contribute to their sports and I'm pretty sure my kids would quit if I volunteered to Coach otherwise. :) Leave me to my camera, I love capturing these moments.